Family Ministries primary focus is providing resources to bring families closer to God and each other through a home-centered ministry and family participation in church services and activities.

2018-2019 Milestone Dates

May 20, 2018: Seniors Milestone 
(Sunday 10:15 am Service)

June 17, 2018: Peer Ministry Milestone*
(Sunday 9:30 am Service)

July 8, 2018: High School National Youth Gathering - TX Milestone*
(Sunday 9:30 am Service)

September 12, 2018: Kindergarten Milestone Blessing of the Backpacks

September 19: 9th Grade Milestone Starting High School

September 26: 3rd Grade Milestone Bible Presentation

October 3: 6th Grade Milestone Image of God

November 7: 2nd Grade Milestone The Lords Prayer

November 18: 0-2 Year-old Milestone* Baptism

January 9, 20191st Grade Milestone Favors for Neighbors

January 234th Grade Milestone Passing on the Faith

January 307th Grade Milestone  Serving Others 

March 20: 3/4/5 Year-old Milestone Let Your Light Shine

March 275th Grade Milestone Communion Celebration

April 38th Grade Milestone Faith Project Night

May 19: Seniors Milestone*
(Sunday 10:15 am Service)

June TBD: Peer Ministry Milestone*
(Sunday 9:30 am Service)

July TBD: Impact Trip Milestone*
(Sunday 9:30 am Service)

* Sundays @ 9:30/10:15 am Worship Service

Contact Kellie Meissner, Family Ministries Coordinator for more information.

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