Visioning – Next Step

Earlier this year, our church began exploring pathways for revitalizing our congregation. 
Pastor Doug Hill from Abiding Hope in Littleton, CO, helped us look at our work in the church through a new lens. 
His message for us was that we need to focus on people, not programs.

 Doug Hill

Malcom Chapman

Visioning UPDATE

Before starting on a strategic plan for revitalization, we explored what is important to us as individuals and as a congregation. An average of 50 people attended 3 sessions this spring to discuss our values. The topics were:
- Your history with Calvary Lutheran—what are the important milestones and touch points in your life that happened here?
- Your church experiences—what are those activities and experiences that resonate with you and inspire your faith and its action?
- Your favorite Bible verse—what are those verses and why do they mean so much for you?

what's next?

Our next step this summer is to share the results of these sessions with a Visioning Team. This group of members has been working with your ideas to generate a Draft Vision and Mission for Calvary Lutheran. Their goal is to reflect your ideas for the future of the church and present their work for your comments this fall. Once the congregation finalizes the Vision and Mission, work will begin on a Strategic Plan to implement our ideas. The schedule for this work is, as follows:
- Summer 2018: Develop Draft Vision and Mission Statement
- Fall 2018: Ask for Congregational Input, Adopt Vision and Mission, and Start Strategic Planning
- Winter 2019: Present Draft Strategic Plan
- Spring 2019: Adopt Strategic Plan and Begin Implementation

We are thankful to the following people who will be a part of our vision team:
- Jon Johnson (council representative)
- Jennifer Baloun
- Maddie Gromer
- Beth Massa
- Kelsey McDaniel
- Peg Seljeskog
- Rand Schleusener
- Paige Kadlec
- Amy Hansen

We are also thankful to Pastor Doug Hill for his continued partnership, Malcom Chapman and his role as facilitator for 2 sessions and the upcoming work with the vision team, and to all who have participated in this process.

Visioning – Next St

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