Visioning – Next Step

Earlier this year, our church began exploring pathways for revitalizing our congregation. 
Pastor Doug Hill from Abiding Hope in Littleton, CO, helped us look at our work in the church through a new lens. 
His message for us was that we need to focus on people, not programs.

 Doug Hill

Malcom Chapman

Visioning UPDATE

Thank you to all of you who took the time to attend the visioning sessions. We had great conversations and opportunities to make new connections. Our first session, held on April 24th , was facilitated by Pastor Doug Hill and had 65 people attend. We talked about the history and timeline of Calvary Lutheran Church and its significant events. At that event, attendees were invited to include their stories on the timeline. During the session, we discovered that Calvary Lutheran has often been on the cutting edge of ministry and ahead of the curve.

On May 15th our second session was facilitated by Malcom Chapman. We had 42 people attend and the discussion was on what our favorite Bible verses were and why they were our favorite verses. Again, the discussion was lively and included all of our voices.

The third session on May 21st was again facilitated by Malcom Chapman. We had 50 people attend to discuss what our church experiences were/are and how that has shaped how we see church, whether it be Calvary or another congregation.

what's next?

All of the information gathered at the three sessions will go to our vision team. They will sift through and read all of it to look for themes and connections. From your work, they will put together our values, mission, vision and tagline. Along the way, they will inform the congregation of their progress and ask for feedback. Once completed, a draft will be presented to the council. Once council agrees upon what is presented, it will be brought to the congregation for approval. Upon approval, the work of the vision team is completed and we will move into phase 2, which will be creating a 3-year strategic plan for Calvary Lutheran Church based upon your work and the work of the vision team. The pastors, deacon and council leadership will work on phase 2 and inform the congregation along the way. Pastor Doug Hill will continue to be a partner in this process.

We are thankful to the following people who will be a part of our vision team:
- Jon Johnson (council representative)
- Jennifer Baloun
- Maddie Gromer
- Beth Massa
- Kelsey McDaniel
- Peg Seljeskog
- Rand Schleusener
- Paige Kadlec
- Amy Hansen

We are also thankful to Pastor Doug Hill for his continued partnership, Malcom Chapman and his role as facilitator for 2 sessions and the upcoming work with the vision team, and to all who have participated in this process.

Visioning – Next St

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