Your Church Council met on Tuesday,  (May 25) and discussed our covid/mask wearing expectations at church. We have changed the signs on the doors of the church to state that you are encouraged to wear a mask in the building instead of masks being "required".  We continue to follow CDC guidelines and ask people who are unvaccinated to wear their masks when they are in the church (our expectation - if someone is unvaccinated, they should be masked.) Masks will still be available in the entryways, but we will not enforce compliance. We will continue to have every other pew closed to allow for the practice of social distancing. Hand sanitizer is still available.

In addition, we hope that people will be kind to one another. There may be various reasons that people continue to wear their masks around other people and it's important to honor it, and model caring for our neighbors. As a caring community, when you are meeting as a small group, please be mindful of one another's comfort level. It's okay to ask if everyone in the small group is vaccinated.  IF yes, AND IF everyone is comfortable, masks can be removed if there is space for social distancing. If someone is not comfortable, please honor their request for mask wearing.

If you have not done so, please read the most recent Calvary Connects that shares updates on what to expect in worship and church for this summer. We remain committed to do things in a safe manner in order to be mindful of our whole community.

Pastor Becky

More Information from CDC
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