Mission and Outreach

We have great opportunities to volunteer in and around our community. 

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, but they have the heart.

We have great opportunities to volunteer in and around our community.

Calvary in action (C.I.A.)

If you have the heart to serve the community Calvary in Action is the group for you. They meet approximately every 3 months, and is open to anyone. 

What's going on in the CIA

Please contact Pastor David Piper, 342-1038 if you are interested in helping with this great outreach.

Kin Ministries

noun: kin; definition: one's family and relations.

Kin Ministry and offers a combined experience like no other. Through Kin Ministry's training you will become a listening presence.  Also, Kin's simple, safe and reliable technology allows all of us to re-imagine outreach and end isolation.

Kin Ministry is a group of gracious volunteers who have a desire to serve the older people of our congregation. There are many that just need a short visit while they are in the nursing home, are home bound, or in assisted living. The Kin Minister becomes a friend to this person.

WE EMPOWER VOLUNTEERS WITH TRAINING AND SUPPORT Kin Ministry provides full access to live and online training. Leaders and volunteers can learn at a time and place that works for them.  We have voluntary monthly meetings where we can share experiences, and learn from each other plus from our leadership.

Being a Kin Minister is so beneficial & enriching, both to you & the person being visited. If anyone has a desire to respond to this service, please contact Deacon Tom Martin at 342-9043.  We are always in need of more visitors.  Please give me a call today with any questions that you may have.


You will not only be changing other's lives but also your own.

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