Calvary in Action (C.I.A.)

If you have the heart to serve the community Calvary in Action is the group for you.
They meet approximately every 3 months, and is open to anyone. 

Please contact Pastor David Piper, 342-1038 if you are interested in helping with this great outreach.



mission of the month-January 

STARTING IN JANUARY, CALVARY IN ACTION will be collecting food items to support our neighbors in need that utilize Feeding South Dakota to supplement their sustenance. Items that are being requested are foods that contain protein. Good nutrition equals healthier bodies and minds. Not having the resources to supply our bodies with the nutrients that our bodies need increases chances of wounds not healing as fast, your blood does not produce enough red blood cells and a person can become anemic. Proteins produce enzymes and hormones that assist our brains to function efficiently. It is difficult to work, learn and feel good when you are hungry. We are asking for your support in our ministry by donating protein rich foods to stock the shelves of Feeding South Dakota. It is amazing how small gestures can and will improve people’s lives. Choices that are nonperishable include: canned meats, peanut butter, cereals, beef jerky, pudding, nuts and seeds, popcorn, granola, protein bars and dried fruit. Thank you for your support.


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