Get reading for Worship!

Did you know that most of the time we follow a pattern of scripture readings in our worship services? It’s called “following the lectionary” and it is based upon a three-year cycle of Bible readings. Many churches follow this pattern — Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, etc. Sometimes, we set aside the lectionary readings in order to do a sermon series based upon other Scripture readings that we would not otherwise hear in worship.

We invite you to spend some time each week “reading ahead” and pondering the readings that you will hear in upcoming worship services. If you take this challenge, think about how it will change how you hear the word in worship after you have spent reading it during the week. It’s a great way to get ready for worship by reading for worship! 

February 2023


Deut 30:15-20                   Choose life
Ps 119:1-8
1 Cor 3:1-9                       God gives the growth
Matt 5:21-37                     The teaching of Christ: forgiveness

Is there a word, phrase, or image that strikes you?
To what do you hear God calling in this text?
What does it mean to “choose life” in Deut 30? How often (and in what ways) is it defined? How can you “redefine” your life so that you choose God through love?
How would you define “forgiveness” based upon the scripture passages? How can the act of being forgiven by God, and forgiving another person change how you see things?


Exod 24:12-18                  Moses enters the cloud of of God’s glory on Mt Sinai
Ps 2 or Ps 99
2 Peter 1:16-21       The apostles message confirmed on the mount of transfiguration
Matt 17:1-9                             Revelation of Christ as God’s beloved Son

Is there a word, phrase, or image that strikes you?
To what do you hear God calling in this text?
Describe the transfiguration using all of your senses.
Why does Jesus tell them to not tell anyone? See if you can find other places where Jesus also tells them not to tell others about what they have seen/experienced.

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