Lenten Worship services

Lenten Worship Services (12:00-12:30 pm) will be held on Wednesdays March 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29. (No soup lunch on these dates)            

Reflective music, prayer and candles: You are invited to “drop in” for a few moments during this ½ hour time for personal prayer and reflection. Prayer prompts will be available. You are welcome to light a candle at the front of the sanctuary during this time. One of the pastors will be available if you would like for someone to pray for you. There will also be an interactive prayer room set up in the Dakota room. You are welcome to stop there for prayer, too.

Lenten Musical Note from Al: We are now in our season of Lent. In music, lento is the marking a composer uses to indicate sorrow. So, a slower and sorrowful piece is Lento. In accordance with the time leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus we take time, in the season of Lent, to appreciate what that means for our souls. 

 During Lent, on Wednesdays at noon, we will provide a time for anyone to come to the sanctuary and light a candle and just pray, in private. Gentle music to set the mood of prayer.. 

Thanks to all the people who are supporting and contributing time and talent to these below services. Thanks all and prayers to a troubled world, to turn to God for healing. 

6:30 pm  Wednesday night worship / The WONDER of God’s story

Weekend worship during lent

Live in God’s WONDER
Saturday 5:30 pm            Holden Evening Prayer
Sunday 9:30 am               ELW Setting #10

Holy Week

Sunday, April 2                 Palm/Passion Sunday
9:30 am                             Cantata
Thursday, April 6             Maundy Thursday worship with holy communion
12:00 pm                          Soup lunch will follow our noon service
6:30 pm                            First Communion and stripping of the altar
Friday, April 7                   Good Friday
6:30 pm                             Cantata (we will sing the Tenebrae service of darkness.)

easter Weekend

Easter Weekend                           Holy Communion at all worship services
Saturday, April 8 5:30 pm            We will offer a vigil service that will pick up where the Good Friday service ends…at the tomb, and then proceed into the resurrection.
Sunday, April 9 7:00 am               Easter 
Sunday, April 9 9:30 am               Easter (On Easter Sunday we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!)

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