Our Annual Congregational meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 6 after worship (approximately 10:30).  We will be offering both in person and zoom attendance so we can reach our quorum numbers in order to conduct the business of our church.

In addition to the usual business meeting agenda (reports from the President of the congregation, financial reports for the year, filling the positions on council, the endowment committee and the nominating committee, and approving the budget for 2022), this year we will be voting on amending our constitution. 

Your Calvary Lutheran church council is recommending we amend our current constitution in order to conform with the most recent Model Constitution from the South Dakota Synod and the church-wide (national) Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. The vote on this change will be on the agenda for our annual meeting scheduled for February 6, 2022

We want to provide you with an opportunity to read the proposed constitution and ask any questions prior to the meeting. Council members will be available to answer questions on Sunday, January 16 after worship and on Wednesday, January 12 at 5:30.

Why are we amending the constitution?

Our last constitutional update was in February 2011. There have been several updates recommended by the SD Synod that we have not adopted. Some of the changes that are required by the SD Synod in the new model are:

  • Grammatical changes
    • Change from “synodical” to “synod”
    • Replace “the congregation” with “this congregation”
  • Changes to follow the Constitution, Bylaws and Continuing Resolutions of the ELCA and the Constitution for synods at the churchwide level
  • Defining the process to terminate affiliation with the ELCA
  • Defining changes in the role of deacon
  • Defining the process of handling disagreements within the congregation on substantive issues that may be petitioned to the bishop
  • Adding a seasonal membership category

With these amendments, we also recommend changing the quorum for annual meetings to a number instead of percentage and to add electronic communication methods for meetings and notification requirements. These changes have also been encouraged by the synod and churchwide; and many congregations have already made these changes.

Your council is recommending that the quorum number be changed from “ten percent of voting members” to “fifty voting members.”  This change, along with allowing people to be “present” by electronic communication, will allow us to be in compliance with the constitution in conducting the business of the church each year.

The current and proposed constitutions are available on our website (Revised Constitution), or you can request copies from the church office.

Below is the section in our current constitution that council will follow to make these changes:

Section C17.04 states – This constitution may be amended to bring any section into conformity with a section or sections of the Model Constitution for congregations of the ELCA – as most recently amended by the Churchwide Assembly – by a simple majority vote of those voting members present and voting at any legally called meeting of the congregation without presentation at a prior meeting of the congregation, provided that the Council has submitted by mail notice to the congregation  of such an amendment… together with the council’s recommendations, at least 30 days prior to the meeting.  … Such provisions shall become effective immediately following a vote of approval.

 Current Constitution


Annual Report 2021

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