Why aren't we having VBS this summer?

A few people have asked the question, so we thought it would be nice to share with all of you the reason why we are not having VBS this summer.

1) Our VBS program has been structured around the Outlaw Ranch camp staff to provide the teaching and leadership. Once again, Lutheran Outdoors will not be offering this as an option. The last two years it was because of covid. This summer is a transition year in which they are trying to fill staff positions at all of their camps and will not be providing staff for VBS Day camps at congregations. 
2) Our fellowship hall and/or narthex (gathering space) most likely will be under construction for renovations.
3) The past two years our staff has done a lot of work to adapt and change to continue to bring education and programmatic opportunities under very different circumstances than we have ever had. To pivot and put together VBS for this summer would take more time and adaptability. Sometimes, it's okay for the staff to take a breather from it and use their time to prepare for the fall and for other things that will happen this summer (like the middle school mission trip).
4) We are experiencing a budget deficit, which isn't unusual for this time of year, but we want to be mindful of how we spend staff time and church finances. So, it's a good option to not incur the costs of a new curriculum, staffing hours, and other expenses that would go into putting our own VBS program together.

What can you do?

1) Look through what Lutheran Outdoors offers and sign your child up to attend camp! www.losd.org
2) Keep an eye on the church calendar for worship, fellowship and service opportunities at Calvary this summer. We are community when we are together!
3) Spend time in prayer about your household's giving. Are you involved in joyful generosity through your time and finances with your church community? If not, make a goal to start this summer! 

WHAT will CLC Staff Do?

What will CLC staff do?
1) The education staff will look at what a VBS program for summer 2023 would look like at CLC that supports and helps us live out our values. Stay tuned!
2) The staff and council will also be looking ahead for ways in which to utilize our space for opportunities to be connected and care for one another.

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