2020 Tables of Eight

Calvary Lutheran welcomes you to participate in the 2020 Tables of Eight, a program that provides a great way to meet and get to know other church members through food and fellowship.  Starting in January 2020, every month for the first 4 months, you will be having dinner with 6-7 different people.  The work for the meals is shared among all those who sign up—one month you will host and provide a main dish.  In the other months, you will be a visiting participant and bring a vegetable, salad, or dessert. 

The assigned host will take the lead in setting the place and time.  The host will contact the other participants who are bringing either a vegetable, salad, or dessert and let them know where and when the dinner will be held.  We are recommending the 3rd weekend of each month, but the host has the flexibility to schedule a time that works for everyone in their group. 

Whether you are single, a couple of friends, or a married couple, you can sign up to participate.  Once all the names are in, you will be randomly matched to create a “table of eight” for each month.  You will be dining with different people at each dinner.

Sign-up for Tables of Eight will start mid-October through November.  Once the sign-up closes, you will receive all instructions, including:

  • List of all participants and their contact info
  • Grouping assignments for each of the four months
  • Other instructions to help you participate in this fun program

To Register for Tables of Eight

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