What is the Calvary Women's Giving Circle?

Our Giving Circle brings together women of faith to causes we care about in our church and community.  Together, we have the opportunity to make a bigger impact by creating a pool of donations to support projects we collectively care about.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to bring women of the church together to practice joyful generosity, build relationships with each other and support important projects identified by the group.

what do i need to do to participate in the Giving Circle?

The Circle will plan to meet twice a year and at each meeting a $100 donation from each woman attending will provide a pool of funds that the group will decide how to use.  There is no membership, rather you are a part of the Circle whenever you attend a gathering of the Circle.  Organizers hope it will become a group that each woman looks forward to participating in on a regular basis, in order to share resources to make a difference and enhance relationships with other women in the church.

when does the circle meet and where?

An organizational meeting was held this fall with about 20 Calvary women coming together to learn about creating a giving circle.  All in attendance committed to being a part of the group, expressed excitement about being a part of such an endeavor and agreed to encourage other women in the church to join the Circle.  The next meeting, a "Circle of Love" event is February 13 at 7 pm in the church sanctuary.  

Refreshments will be served and there will be s short program to inspire and affirm attendees and answer any questions about the Circle.  Funds collected at this event will be used to complete the fundraising for the art installation that will honor the generosity of donors that have provided the treasure that has built Calvary Church and will be supporting it in the future.  Future funds collected at meetings will be directed to projects the Circle participants choose each time. 

Who do I contact for more information?
Karen Pearson at 605-877-5955 or karenpea@ooutlook.com

WGC Brochure 

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