How has the CW blessed your family?

Has the CW broadcast been a link to your Calvary family?  Or do you know someone who isn’t able to be with us in the pews but still connects with their church on television? 

When COVID began, no one knew how long it would last or the best way for churches to navigate through it. Here at Calvary, we took a leap of faith, pivoted, and began to offer a televised worship service for people in the Black Hills area. It is August of 2022, and we continue to provide this ministry.

Can you help to continue this ministry?

When covid began, we regularly had people sending in financial donations to help sponsor the broadcast and off-set the $1800/month financial cost to Calvary. Now that the “new” has worn off, those special donations have dropped significantly.  AND - given our current financial position, this is one of the activities that we may no longer be able to afford. 

$1800 per month is a lot of money - why is it so expensive?

This isn’t a livestream/Facebook broadcast that just goes out as it happens, so it does take some additional work. We need to pay staff to edit the recording to fit the exact timeframe that we are using as well as prepare the closed captioning that is required for the broadcast.  AND we pay the broadcasting company to put each service on the air.  

What are we doing to kepp this ministry going?

  • We have applied for a small grant from the synod to support this way of worshiping
  • We are inviting other churches and organizations to sponsor a worship broadcast. 
  • And now we are asking for your help
    - Our goal is to have four sponsorships a month. 
    - To get this started, the pastors at Calvary, are sponsoring one worship service broadcast.
    - Sponsorships in any amounts are appreciated and welcomed. If you can sponsor a full week, we will publicly thank you (unless you would like to remain anonymous) in a slide during the service. A sponsorship for one worship service is $350.The sponsorship can be in celebration of an event, in memory of someone, or to honor of someone. 

How can you donate?

  • Please call the office at 605-342-9043 or email Kody,, if you have any questions.
    Donate Online and find the CW broadcast sponsorship under Designated Donations.

We hope that you can join the pastors in supporting this ministry with a partial or full sponsorship of a weekly broadcast. And we are asking you to inform and invite those in your congregation who have found the televised ELCA Lutheran worship service on the CW at 10:00 am to be meaningful, to sponsor one, too.
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