Mission and Outreach

We have great opportunities to volunteer in and around our community. 

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, but they have the heart.

We have great opportunities to volunteer in and around our community.

Calvary in action (C.I.A.)

If you have the heart to serve the community Calvary in Action is the group for you. They meet approximately every 3 months, and is open to anyone. 

What's going on in the CIA

Please contact Pastor David Piper, 342-1038 if you are interested in helping with this great outreach.

Cornerstone Mission Meal

Want to serve at the downtown mission? The third Friday of the month. Food preparation starts at 2:00 PM in the kitchen located in the basement of the mission. We serve the same menu from month to month so if someone volunteers to help only once or twice during the year, it is easy to recall the routine. We need a minimum of 4 members but not more than 6. It generally takes an hour and a half with 4-6 people to prepare the meal so we’re usually done by 3:15 to 3:30 PM. Members who want to help prepare the meal should sign up by the 2nd week of the month.

Server hours are from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. We like to have 5-6 people to serve. We encourage family participation but prefer that children actually helping be older than 8 Yrs. due to the way the kitchen is set up. Servers are encouraged to sign up by the 2nd Sunday of the month. We have sign up space for 6 servers on the sign up sheet in the Narthex. Families should put down how many will be serving. Members who have never served before will be paired with members who are experienced with the serving routine. Servers are only expected to serve the meal. The Mission staff will take care of the clean up.  (All the food has already been donated.*)

Please contact Barb Lampert, 342-1711 if you are interested in helping with this great outreach.

*We depend on the congregation members to sign up for the food items they want to contribute each month and to leave the check either in the envelope provided or drop it in the offering plate. (Checks should indicate it is for the mission meal) The donations for mission meal items are used exclusively to purchase the food required each month.

Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritans is a group of gracious volunteers who have a desire to serve the older people of our congregation. There are many that just need a short visit while they are in the nursing home, or are home bound or in assisted living. The Samaritan becomes a friend to this person.

Being a Samaritan is so beneficial & enriching, both to you & the person being visited. If anyone has a desire to respond to this service, please contact Connie Diedrich at 343-0735 or Laurel French at 341-4773.


You will not only be changing other's lives but also your own.

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